Learn new skills and build confidence in your map reading.

Find your way through the poorest visibility.


Experienced Mountain Leaders will teach you a range of skills to help you navigate through notoriously difficult Scottish mountain conditions.

Our hiking navigational courses cater for a wide range of experiences. Whether you are new to map reading and want a bit more confidence up in the hills or you are just wanting a recap before you head out to get another 10 Munros, we have the right course for you.


2 Day Courses

Whether you get lost walking around your local park or you are just needing a refresher before you get out and bag your next 20 Munros. We've got the course for you. 


On this 2 day course we introduce you to some key navigational tactics and get you familiar with your map and compass. 

A 2 day course aimed for those with a good level of navigational experience but who are looking to gain confidence before getting back into the hills on their own.


Bespoke Adventures

Create your next adventure.

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