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We are a small family run business based in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. Created in 2021 with the incredible support of my wife Tammy and daughter Opal-Fé, my aim for Lost Sheep Guiding is to offer people the opportunity to go on life changing adventures.

If you would like to know more about how experiences in the outdoors have changed my life, please continue reading. 


Every company has a beginning: a moment in which thoughts, passions and dreams are sent into motion. 

Lost Sheep Guiding’s trigger moment can be traced back to the top of a rarely climbed summit, somewhere on the Ardgour Peninsula.

As I stood by the summit cairn, I slowly rotated on the spot and took in the grandeur of my unfamiliar surroundings. Loch Linnhe to my right, forests to my left and jagged peaks piercing through the clouds directly in front of me.

I was so far from home and yet the mountain offered so much comfort.

As I breathed in the cold air it was as though nature was trying her best to make me forget about the stresses of life and to be content in her presence.


It occurs every day of our lives and yet somehow the sunrise never loses its beauty


That trigger moment sent me on a wild trajectory into the outdoors. 

Over the next 8 years I trained as an outdoor instructor and worked at various outdoor centres.

Spending each day working outside and exploring new places just reiterated the idea in my head that nature has a real potential to heal. Something which I have had the privilege to witness first hand.

I have seen the quietest of children gaining enough confidence to lead their peers, uninterested teenagers finding a sense of achievement and adults overcoming life-long fears.

To Aim for the highest Point is not the only way to climb a mountain 

-Nan Shepherd

here's A few shots from some classic days out

It is these experiences which have left me determined to get more people engaged with the outdoors.

I want to help people reconnect with nature.

Matt Reynolds,

Founder of Lost Sheep Guiding

Rock Climbing Instructor

Summer Mountain Leader


Why not join me for your next adventure?


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