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I'm Matt. I love a doughnut and I love a cup of coffee. If I'm not munchin' on a doughnut or sipping a brew, you'll probably find me hanging out with my two amazing kids or exploring the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

I didn't create Lost Sheep Guiding to simply take you on an adventure. I started this company because it is clear to me that experiencing adventure has a profound way of challenging, inspiring and encouraging people.

Lost Sheep Guiding was created to take you on unforgettable journeys that improve your mental health, allow space for meaningful conversations and give you empowering skills for life. 

Below I have shared my vision for the company through 5 clear targets.

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To improve your physical and mental health.

Adventurous outdoor activities can have a massively positive impact on you. Spending time outside can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress, improve your confidence and self-esteem and help you to get to know new people, among many other benefits. I have been privileged enough to experience these benefits first hand whilst hiking and climbing throughout the UK and it is my aim to open up opportunities for you to experience them as well.

I believe that God created the world. You may not agree with me and that's cool. One of my aims however is to take you to places of incredible natural beauty. As we experience the vastness of the mountains, the power of the wind or the peace of a river it is my hope that we can share deep conversations about life's biggest questions.


To show you the beauty of God's creation.

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To teach you the required skills to have your own adventures.

Hiking and climbing require a particular set of skills and experiences to be done safely. I aim to share good practices so that you feel empowered and prepared to enjoy your own adventures.

The views. The weather. The challenge. The chat. The new skill. Whatever it may be. My aim is that after a day with Lost Sheep Guiding you are left with life long memories, stories to tell and experiences that you can draw from in the future.


To take you on unforgettable journeys.


To offer you an escape from the stresses of work life.

Stress, anxiety and fear impact us all. A new adventure is such a great way to escape routine and take a break from your work life. The hope is that after spending time with Lost Sheep Guiding you will be left feeling refreshed and ready to get back into everyday life.

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