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Hike. Chat. Meet new people. Explore an area of natural beauty.

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The Story

"Like a sheep grazing the same pastures day after day, living in Sheffield I would take the same route, to the same job, in the same building every single day. This monotony often left me feeling negative and lost.


Although my surroundings were so familiar to me there was an urge to jump over the fence and explore something new. I have come to realise now that it is actually on these adventures into the unknown where I feel most at home. It is in the mountains that I feel truly found.

Lost Sheep Guiding aims to connect with people who feel the same way. To take people on life changing journeys into the wild." 

Matt Reynolds

Founder of Lost Sheep Guiding

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We're a wee company with a big desire to see people experiencing adventure.
Now, we're not farmers and we don't know much about sheep. But what we do know is this...Nature is healing. Mountains are great. And there are a lot of us who often feel like sheep, just grazing the same old pastures. 

Lost Sheep Guiding exists because we realised that it was in the mountains that we felt most at home, breathing in the forest air that we felt most at ease and gripping the cold granite that we felt most alive.
It is our belief that a journey into the wild can change your life.


Green Pasture Projects

We recognise that simply walking up a few hills will not solve all of the world's problems. We want to do more. The Green Pasture Projects are a long term focus for us as a company to do just that.
We are committed to building partnerships, spreading awareness and providing opportunities in 3 key areas.






Our home, the Cairngorms, is one of the largest national parks in Europe. It represents a truly biodiverse and unique ecosystem. Where, if you are lucky, you will find 1/4 of all rare and endangered species within the British Isles. The notorious capercaillies roam the ancient caledonian forest floors, whilst the majestic golden eagles soar high above the arctic Cairngorm plateau

A huge part of our mission is to build partnerships with conservation projects and to convey the importance of caring for this magical environment. We believe the best way to spread this message is not just through words but through the experiences that we share in the mountains.



1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind every year in the UK.


Poor mental health is fast becoming a major pandemic spreading throughout our society. As a team we have experienced first hand how nature can have a healing impact, both physically and mentally, on our lives. We are so eager to see others receiving the natural healing that an adventure into the wild can bring and as a result we are working hard to build relationships with companies of the same mindset.


Travelling throughout the Highlands and many different mountainous areas across Europe it has become apparent to us that these places tend to lack diversity. 

In a country of such integrated cultures why should that stop in the mountains? At Lost Sheep Guiding we are determined to see people from a wider diversity of backgrounds experiencing the wonders of the outdoors.  We are working hard to develop partnerships with like minded groups so that all can have equal opportunities in the hills.  


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We are proud to call our home the Cairngorms National Park. 

Click here to visit and discover more about our community "where people and nature thrive together." 

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We've got the green tick from VisitScotland's "we're good to go scheme."
This means we have demonstrated that we are adhering to the government and public health guidance, and have carried out a Covid-19 risk assessment for all of our activities.