AN Adventure could change your life.

We're a wee company with a big desire to see people experiencing adventure.
Now, we're not farmers and we don't know much about sheep. But what we do know is this...Nature is healing. Mountains are great. And there are a lot of us who often feel like sheep, just grazing the same old pastures. 

Lost Sheep Guiding exists because we realised that it was in the mountains that we felt most at home, breathing in the forest air that we felt most at ease and gripping the cold granite that we felt most alive.
It is our belief that a journey into the wild can change your life.

HIke for HOpe.

Hike. Chat. Meet new people and explore an area of natural beauty.

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Green Pasture Projects

We recognise that simply walking up a few hills will not solve all of the world's problems. We want to do more. The Green Pasture Projects are a long term focus for us as a company to do just that.
We are committed to building partnerships, spreading awareness and providing opportunities in 3 key areas.






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We are proud to call our home the Cairngorms National Park. 

Click here to visit
cairngorms.co.uk and discover more about our community "where people and nature thrive together." 

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