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Winter Hiking

At Lost Sheep Guiding one of our key aims is to use adventurous outdoor experiences to help people. We have witnessed first hand how these experiences can have such a positive impact on our well-being, both physically and mentally. Hiking in winter is certainly no exception.

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The UK’s geographical location means that in winter our mountains become some of the most variable environments in the world. A calm blue bird sky can turn into a stormy white-out in a matter of minutes, the freezing level can rise and fall numerous times throughout a day and you can experience all four seasons of weather whilst eating your lunch. Spending time exposed to these conditions forces us to adapt, communicate and persevere, characteristics which are so important in all of our individual journeys.

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“Great weekend out on the hills, Matt’s teaching was excellent and made it really easy to pick up. Navigation knowledge next to none so you’ll never feel lost and will come away with an extensive toolkit for your own adventures."


Winter Hiking Skills

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